Environmental protection

for boilers

Environmental protection

for boilers

The Power Plant Optimization Company

Since 1969 PENTOL is a well known name in the world of power plants.

Our technical engineering, chemical production and development is based in Germany
while our service teams are working world wide.

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We made it one of our principles to challenge the status quo and to create innovative and affordable solutions to reduce emission and increase efficiency at the same time.

Our focus is on finding the problem in your power station through intensive research from fuel to emission and provide you a unique solution, that saves you great value in total. 

As specialists for combustion optimizationcorrosion inhibition and emission control. we offer additives and technologies for all fossil fuel fired power stations.

2.8 million tons of CO2 saved in 2019

A perfectly tuned boiler, diesel engine, or gas turbine is not ony more efficient and cheaper to operate
it is also more reliable an produces fewer outages.
This gives our clients flexibility in their operations – and the budget savings to invest in renewable technology.

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