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Despite the world’s effort to limit CO2 emission,
consumption of fossil fuels is still growing in the energy market.

Thermal power plants are still the best choice as the backbone of the power supply.
That’s why environmental protection should not be about shutting down thermal power plants, but improving them.
The way to make energy generation greener is to increase the eco-efficiency of power plants through science and technology.
Pentol chemicals offer a cost-effective way to solve emission problems at the source, instead of upgrading thermal power plants with expensive cleaning equipment. Power plant operators can significantly improve performance with technological turnkey solutions.
In addition to providing a healthy return on investment, this is a practical contribution to the long-term preservation of our environment.


Affordable environmental protection

There is a problem to be solved in the energy industry: Producing green energy that is affordable.
Most people agree that the world needs to reduce the environmental footprint of its energy production, but we have to remember that we also need access to an
affordable and continuous supply of electricity. Unfortunately, it is a fact that not many countries worldwide can afford 100% green energy.
Pentol has a solution: Reduce the environmental footprint of existing power plants by optimizing their efficiency. We offer a detailed on site evaluation of each power plant, assessing the rentability of available technologies and the implementation of the most promising ones.

  • Oil 51400 Tera watt hour (Twh)
  • Coal 43400 Tera watt hour (Twh)
  • Gas 37300 Tera watt hour (Twh)
  • Bio Energy 11000 Tera watt hour (Twh)
  • Water Power 4000 Tera watt hour (Twh)
  • Atom Energy 2600 Tera watt hour (Twh)
  • Wind power 1000 Tera watt hour (Twh)
  • Others 600 Tera watt hour (Twh)
  • Solar energy 300 Tera watt hour (Twh)


Imagine 450 large wind generators running 24/7.

450 large wind generators running 24/7 would produce the energy equivalent of the fuel saved by Pentol technology every year.

Increasing the efficiency of power plants is a thrilling challenge.
Pentol’s combustion engineers regularly visit every treated plant to verify the results. Hand in hand with the client, we analyze the situation and take measures to
bring the plant up to the most efficient operation.
A perfectly tuned boiler, diesel engine, or gas turbine is not only more efficient and cheaper to operate;
it is also more reliable and produces fewer outages. This gives our clients flexibility in their operations – and the budget savings to invest in renewable technology.


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