(Quality, Occupational Safety, Health Protection and Environmental Protection)


Our main object is to fulfil our customers’ requirements regarding quality and liability as well as to put our own organisational targets into practice. In doing so, we especially respect occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection.

Declaration of principles

We have defined the following specific aims:

Customer satisfaction is our main criteria. Our customers maintain the success of our company and set the standard for our performance. Customer orientated behaviour and quality are every Pentol employee’s objective.

Occupational safety and correct environmental behaviour are as important as development, production/assembly, maintenance, quality and costs. It helps us face possible hazards or risks on the one hand and protect all members of staff/colleagues as well as third parties and the environment on the other hand.

We do not only want to reduce failures, risks and hazards connected with safety, health or environment, but do mean to eliminate their reasons permanently.

We keep the promises we give our customers, suppliers and members of staff/colleagues.

We work with suppliers who provide us with materials/products of quality and with the reliability that are important for achieving our aims.

We attach importance to a motivated, competent staff. Therefore, we care for an open information policy, a constructive co-operation and permanent education and training.

Declaration of principles
Declaration of principles

We are living a process of continuous improvement and are committed to:

– observing the present legal and office requirements,
– acting with awareness of problems,
– detecting and correcting deviations,
– continuously improve processes,
– following facts,
– setting and respecting standards,
– sharing experience,
– improving the environmental protection on site.

Each year, we set definite objectives and we concentrate on achieving them together.

Quantified aims are integrated in the management report. They lead to a continuous improvement with regard to quality, occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection.

Declaration of principles
Declaration of principles

We consider the realisation of our guidelines an essential management function and a common obligation.

The management plans, organises and controls the orientation of the company and makes sure that it is realised during the daily work.

The collaboration of the individual divisions and all members of staff founding the basis for the achievement of our objectives is described in our Management System which is certified according to

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 14001:2004.

Declaration of principles
Declaration of principles

Our quality, environmental and safety aims are binding.

The management commits itself and all members of staff to observing and following the relevant regulations and instructions, which are part of our management manual.

The Declaration of Principle for our Management System is made available to all members of staff by means of a notice. The public can access it via Pentol’s homepage.

An actualisation is due every three years.

Grenzach-Wyhlen, 24 august 2009
Olivier Blauenstein (CEO)