For heavy fuel oil-fired power plant boilers

Power plant with heavy fuel oil fired boiler
water-in-oil emulsion for power plant

Water-in-oil emulsion optimizes atomization of fuel oil

Avoid corrosion in power plants

neutralization of sulfuric acid and vanadium deposits

For coal-fired power plant boilers

Power plant with coal fired boiler

PentoMag® 2550
eliminate boiler slagging, increase power output

Flue Gas Conditioning
with SO3 to reduce fly ash resistivity and comply with emission standards

For gas-fired turbines

Power plant with gas turbines

PentoMag® 4450
protect gas turbines from corrosion

Diesel engines

Power plant with diesel-generators
diesel engine fouling

PentoMag® 4400
improve efficiency and keep the engine clean

Waste incinerators and bio power plant


PentoMag® 2000
improve efficiency and keep the engine clean

For all power station type

SO3 Analyzer
Online measuring of SO3 emission as mg/Nm³ or ppm

1.Deposits and plugging in energy industry

Cleaning of combustion residues

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