PentoSolv3 | Cleaning Agent for all Power Plant Types
Cleaning of #Heating Surfaces and #Intercoolers

Power Plant Cleaning Agent

Simply explained

WELCOME! Let me explain our cleaning agent for power plants

The best way to dissolve combustion residues from heat transfer elements


cleans heat exchanger surfaces, boiler walls, fuel oil centrifuges, cylinder heads, etc.

For optimum results, PentoSolv3 is sprayed without dilution on the surface to be cleaned

Leave it work for 30 to 60 minutes and watch as the deposits are solved and foamed up. The foam and the loose deposits are easily removed by water jet

Based on Pentol’s PentoMuls series

we make use of the powerful detergents we use for years to remove encrusted deposits on surfaces of cylinder heads, boiler walls, heat exchangers etc.


  • Supply with PentoSolv3
  • Training and help, know how and service, especially for questions regarding surfaces and concentrations

Cleaning adhesive layers of deposits

After combustion optimization with additives is successfully applied, we often find a significant potential for increasing efficiency by cleaning heat exchanger surfaces. Every 1°C attained in an intercooler is adding to the total efficiency of the plant, no matter if it is a boiler, gas turbine or diesel engine.
These tenacious and isolating remnants have to be removed regularly in order to ensure an optimal heat transmission on the one hand and to avoid corrosion on the other hand. As a water jet cannot normally be used for cleaning of the fine fins, PentoSolv offers a simple way of cleaning these elements.
Action principle

High-temperature corrodes on heat transfer surfaces

These elements are installed in high-density baskets making it difficult to impossible to clean with a water jet or soot blowing.

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DETERGENT – PentoSolv3 for Power Plant Cleaning