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The big picture in combustion optimization

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With combustion-optimization, we increase efficiency and reduce emissions at the same time.

Our vision in Pentol: always look at the big picture!
We have learned over the years that optimizing a process really means optimizing the interfaces. This means we are not optimizing a gas turbine or a diesel engine or boiler without looking at fuel oil storage and processing as well as gas cleaning to identify equipment and processes that can be optimized.

Because in many cases, its not the engine that requires optimization, but a secondary equipment no-one else is looking at!

We look at the whole process and try to identify parts or equipment inside your plant where we see optimization potential and where we can contribute to a better efficiency of your plant.

Our products and technologies consist of three parts:

  1. Protection of your boiler, gas turbine or diesel engine
  2. Environmental protection: we want to reduce emissions
  3. Pay the costs of the whole treatment with an efficiency increase
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Pentol produces all mechanical equipment and the full range of additives in our own production site and we offer our services from designing of the system to combustion tuning in your plant and emission monitoring assisting clients in the operation of the power station.

Our production site is located in the very south of Germany on the border to Switzerland. Pentol has been founded in 1969 and successfully shaped the market of flue gas conditioning, water-in-oil emulsion as well as magnesium based additives.

A short overview of our activities in Pentol: we are specialists in combustion optimization for 50 years and we have experience in coal-fired power stations, heavy fuel oil-fired boilers, diesel engines, gas turbines and currently we are extending our activities to biomass plants and waste incinerators.

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