Gas Turbine 125 MW – Excerpt from management report

Excerpt from management report
Power Plant — Gas Turbine GE Frame 9 – 125 MW

This report contains information of

  1.  No deposits in fuel pipes or nozzles and no increase of fuel pipe pressureThe inspection was made by borescope for combustion chamber and blades.
  2.  The load was stable and the presence of deposits didn’t affect the load. Dosing pump injects small condition. Stable vibration value all over the trial at 2.5mm/s
  3.  The turbine runs under normal condition for two weeks without washing while the standard operation is to wash every week.
  4.  High-pressure-filter cleaned only one time every two weeks, however, with some other additives it was daily.
  5.  Consumption of additive was reduced applying 2 Mg:1 V.

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