ESP performance enhancements

About this project

Dust Removal
SO3 Conditioning

 Evonik Industries (Steag)

Objectives of the Trial:

ESP Basics

  • Resistivity and Back Corona Effects

Challenges in Dust Removal

  • ? Imported hard coal replaces regional coal stepwise
  • ? Co-firing of auxiliary fuel
  • ? Improvement of ESP dust separation due to input of imported coal / low sulfur coal
  • ? Changes in regulations, new emission limits according to 13. BImSchV: Dust emissions from 50 lowered to 20 mg/Nm³
  • ? Difficult to add new ESP/ ESP fields and high invest cost for precipitator field extension

Enhanced ESP Performance

  • ?CFD-Modeling for ESP Optimization
  • ?The Step Beyond: Coal/Dust Characteristics & Operational Optimization
  • ?Installation of Five New SO3 Conditioning Units in STEAG Plants
  • Performance with Low Sulfur Coal.


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Flue Gas Conditioning

Reduce solid emission, reduce dust load on your FGD plant and increase the whiteness of the gypsum.

SO3 Analyzer

How much SO3 do you generate? In power generation, SO3 measurements provide data to allow the operator to burn fuel.

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