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Fuel oil fired power plants

Boiler protection, emission reduction, increased efficiency, fuel saving …

Coal fired power plants

Corrosion protection, emission reduction, increased efficiency, flue gas conditioning, …

Diesel engines

Sludge reduction, corrosion protection, emission reduction, increased efficiency, …

Gas turbine power stations

Corrosion protection, increased efficiency, …

Waste incinerator power plants

Corrosion protection, increased efficiency, …

Biomass power plant

Increased efficiency, corrosion protection, …

Emission standards on one hand, production efficiency on the other. This is always a highly difficult balancing act for the operators of oil and coal fired power plants.

Our advanced technologies can combine these:
Reduce exit gas temperature in oil fired plants to increase efficiency while condensing and eliminating the SO3 with two of our additives.


Complete carbon burnout

An explosive way to take care of the environment. The on-line emulsification system allows a complete burnout of the fuel, thus improving the efficiency of your boiler as well as substantially reducing solid emissions. A unique combination of cost saving and emission control.


Reduction of corrosion

Elimination of low temperature corrosion and fouling allows a reduction in exit gas temperature. This results in a significant efficiency increase.

Fully automatic dosing equipment
Emulsification units are usually supplied on rental basis. The installation is simple: Either before the storage tank or on-line, preferably before the fuel oil heaters.

  PentoMuls PentoMag
Reduce CO2 and NOx


Reduce solid emission


Reduce fly ash



Reduce SO3 formation


Reduce fuel oil consumption

Reduce fouling and corrosion


Increase heat transfer rate


Reduce exit gas temperature


Reduce cleaning cost

A prediction of results
can be calculated for different types of boilers and fuel oils.