PowerGen Cologne 2017

On PowerGen Cologne 2017, we present a new miniaturized functional model of a water-in-oil emulsion skid. In your fuel oil boilers carbon can be burnt completely, which reduces emission and ash load, improves thermal efficiency and at least saves fuel.

Interview with Eric, Founder of Pentol GmbH

Eric Blauenstein, Founder and President of Pentol GmbH, talking about past, present and future of power generation industry.

Early insight for the next generation

In school it´s called «the future days»: We teach our kids how much we enjoy our work, producing additives and equipment for the power industry. 

PowerGen Asia 2016

At PowerGen Asia we presented one of our SO3-Analyzers for online measuring / monitoring. More about this device. We showed several presentations of reducing emission and save fuel for different plant types.

Future power technology magazin

An animated explaination of PentoMag 4400's working principle can be found in the following issue of future power technology magazin.

PowerGen Milan 2016

Heavy fuel oil power plant optimization: Complete carbon burnout by micro explosion. Reduce emission and ash load. Improved thermal efficiency. Save fuel oil.

Technical development of flue gas cleaning and waste water treatment plants

Due to stringent environmental regulations, different techniques of flue gas cleaning have been developed.